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Nose Piercing for Hamilton, OH

One of the best ways to show off your personality and style is with a body piercing. From a subtle nose piercing to a bold lip piercing to a traditional ear piercing, our team of professional piercers is here to give you the body jewelry you want in the area you want it. Come to Red Dragon Tattoo & Piercing in Hamilton, OH, to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our High-Quality Piercing Services

When you want to get a body piercing, you have to choose the right shop. Red Dragon Tattoo & Piercing strives to provide the best services, the cleanest equipment, and the friendliest help possible. Each of our piercers is experienced in their line of work, and we maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sterilization so that you know your piercing will be quick and easy.

Our team is qualified to handle any kind of piercing that you want. Our nose piercer can give you a stud, a ring, or whatever else you want for your nose. Our ear piercer can make your earrings stand out. And if you want advanced piercings, our team can deliver. Plus, we offer tandem piercings, which means we can do two piercings at once!

Contact our piercing team today to talk to us about our piercing service. We’re confident that you’ll feel comfortable trusting us.

Our Dedication to You

Red Dragon Tattoo & Piercing has been around since 2010, which means that we have over a decade of experience helping our customers get the body art they want. From intricate tattoos to specialized body piercings, we only work with the best materials and artists to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


If you want a piercing in the Hamilton, OH, area, contact our team today at 513-385-6500 to get started.

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