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We Now Offer Permanent Makeup!

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Suenne Lowe has now opened Monroe's Permanent Makeup and Microblading - featuring eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, and more!

Suenne’s artist bio:
Besides being a mother, a wife, and business owner, Suenne is an artist! But her tools are not paintbrushes and markers, they are makeup brushes and tattoo machines. Suenne has been in love with makeup for years, mostly because it has helped her feel confident, beautiful, and strong. And now she wants nothing more then to bring that confidence to other women and men with the power of makeup and micropigmantion.


Whether you’re a busy mom working two jobs that doesn’t have the time for yourself anymore, or if you’re a balding man losing his confidence you had in your twenties, or even if you’re a cancer survivor just trying to feel like your old self again, Suenne wants to help. She feels lucky she is able to do what she loves, but she feels blessed she gets to help others feel confident, happy, and beautiful.


You can follow/like the company on Instagram and Facebook for more information!

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Owner Suenne Lowe and artist Cherokee Wooden

Cherokee Wooden

Cherokee is one of Monroe’s permanent makeup artists. She has been doing permanent makeup since mid 2017. Cherokee is also a cosmetologist and has been a hairstylist since 2015! She enjoys art and creating beautiful things. Cherokee grew up in the tattoo industry. So with her passion of beauty and love for the tattoo world, permanent makeup is perfect! Cherokee is also a mother of a wonderful son and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

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