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Gabriel Lowe, with a background as an accomplished architect, and a great artist in his own right, had the idea a little over 8 years ago that he wanted to expand his love for art to a tattoo studio! So with his art skills, and his own two hands, he designed and built Red Dragon Tattoo & Piercing! 
With the help of our talented and award winning tattoo artists and piercers, Red Dragon Tattoo has become the premier Cincinnati Tattoo Shop we have today! About 2 years ago Gabriel not only met the love of his life, Suenne, he also decided to become a more permanent fixture at the shop, and we couldn't be happier! Since doing so he has made vast improvements, put us in conventions, hired more award winning artists, got in the best aftercare and designed our great new merchandise himself! Not to mention welcoming the newest member to the Red Dragon family in April this year, their adorable daughter Graye Lowe! 

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